Lesbian Shower Scene

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Description: For Monk This scene was made as a joke and not a particularly good one at that. The scene took less than an hour to put together and upload. I really should be ashamed of this very poor effort, and if I am honest I probably am. I have disabled the option to give a star rating to this video as it does not deserve them. The set is possibly the most interesting part. 3 tiled walls and a glass window from the police station. There is no exit from the set and actually no shower fittings either. The water effect is a inhouse Moviestorm rain effect. The music is taken from a 70's porn soundtrack but I can not give credit to the artists as they wish to stay anonymous although it is alleged that some of the musicians are very well known. The track is called Mrs Cream Jeans (spoken word) and is from the album Inside Deep Note. The voice overs are part of the actual track. It has been noted about the breast sizes of the actors, this is both extremes of the morphable breasts.
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