The Deerhunter

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Description: The Deerhunter; Concluding the previous story of The Sasquatch, or Bigfoot, (The Gift: ) in which The Deerhunter following his return from the American War in Vietnam, is abducted by the last surviving Bigfoot who explains how he came to be here and how we came to be here. He also has a pertinent message for mankind at this stage in our evolution..... Story Co-Written by Christopher Nadeau and Celestial Elf, Narration Written by Christopher Nadeau, As Mickey The Deerhunter, White Stag, Red Deer & The Sasquatch, freesky Republic, As Rudy The Deerhunter, plus Addittional Sasquatch Scenes, Yani Jowisz, As the Voice of Sasquatch, Christopher Nadeau, As the American Army in Vietnam; Mihaly Apfelbaum Siwa Bracula, Try Etzel, Matschu Eisenhart, Kira Markstein, Liz Sands, Benno Sands, Trixsi Thor, Teresa Scharfberg, katrin Freschi. Mickey The Deerhunter avatar (Opa Willli) Rudy The Deerhunter avatar (Tourist) via TrickSie Anderton Gun Belt, hat and accessories elsewhere. White Stag and Red Deer Avatars via Grendles Children. Sasquatch Avatar(s) via Hobbit Bagration. Grateful thanks to Iso Huet for use of The Forest Garden. Copyright free music courtesy of Kevin MacLeod of licensed under Creative Commons Spring Thaw Vision of Persistence Musopen online music library of copyright free/public domain music. Isaac Albeniez Suite Esponala Op47. played by Gordon Rowland Additional sounds and effects via Freesound Made using Fraps, Mixcraft 5, Serif MoviePlus X3 on Windows XP. Conceived, Directed and Produced by Celestial Elf 2011.