Home Sweet Home

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Description: ****Winner of Best Horror in 4th Jakechief Awards***** Susan Sweet is a business woman, highly motivated and a hard-charging-go-getter, with success on her mind. Things turn for the worst as she is suddenly abducted after a late night meeting. Her nightmare begins as she is taken to the last and most horrifying place she can imagine: Home! Visit www.pimptightstudios.com where you can Stream in the movies section or you can download the super high quality version in the download section (recommended) Written and Directed by RJANACONDA CAST Susan Luv as Susan Sweet Marc1980 as The unknown male Xtermin8r13 as Victor Sweet TEKEDO as Traffic Cop BENTUTTLE90 as The Mugger SON as Abusive B/F Music and custom SFX by BCE Records custom sets costumes overlays and backdrops made by RJANACONDA
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