CC Journey Through Time and Space

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Description: Movie by penut. Released Sept 22, 2006. The Hilarious Final Cult Low Budget Decomposing American Sci Fi Action Comedy has hit The Movies Online. Crunchy and Chewy, a summer project of Scatamongo and me, has come to a close on the last day of summer and there is no better way to end it. Crunchy and Chewy are off on a time travelling adventure in a cliche(insert accent here)d mess from start to finish. It has a different approach this time. We made it shorter and sweeter. Not a lot of characters ether, just Crunchy, Chewy and Fan Favorite Gorganarr. It is simpler but I hope you guys like it. Oh and the rest of the series is on my studio page. It explains the characters a bit better. Credits Written, Directed and Produced By: Penut and Scatamongo Voices Crunchy: Penut Chewy: Scatamongo Dinosaur: Penut Cavalier in Bar: Penut Hitler: Scatamongo British: Penut People from 70s: Penut The Car: Scatamongo Gorganarr: Penut AWARDS ****** First Place in 321man's review competition! Sleepy Approved by sleepygirl12! Made it to the Top Eight of the TMO Tournament!
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