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Description: A Zany Crazy Horror Flick! The Man Made FROG THING attacks its Creator then escapes the Lab through a Wormhole to a Parralel Universe & sets up home in the Efluent Pipes by the Beachside. That is till Years later & 2 Sewerage Workers disturb it (Though it is already quite disturbed!) and it sets out on a Frenzied & curious trail of Retribution. CUSTOM STUFF: Dr_House Lab Anims Mod Other Custom Credits: Decapitated head Mod Car Carrier Truck by Budbundysmullet Rooster by 6-HeadedMonster Big Rock Wall by Templeofthegods Sewer Pipe prop & Corridor by Fraasmovies Big Medievil Wall by Rik Vargard Tarisons Blue 6'er Set BongoMans Scrolling Background screen Bodypaint wasin a star wars pack by NortoN, Alexandr, DieSel, Jon acquired from Ubernewbie Cryo Chamber Prop by marvellousguppimovies Sets as props by Daninsky Camera Film overlay by dafoso Augies Filter MUSIC: Bipolar by Dimitrios Hatzisavas & 'Title to come' by Rik Vargard Enigma Loop from Ubernewbie Some Adult language Cheers to 'TheBiz' for reminding me to Upload this Flick :)