Black Leaves

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Description: Black Leaves is about a girl by the name of Alice, alice and her mother have gone through a tough time, they both lost something. Alice losing her father and her mother losing her husband, one month passed since his death. Alice has gone down hill, she spends her days, smokeing, drinking alchol, and much more, her mother isn't exactly a role model either. She of course does the same thing. Alice and her mother get into a argument and alice's mother starts to think about her life, she grabs a gun, pull's the trigger unleashing a bullet through her head. Alice get's accused of murdering her mother and sent to a insistute called; Black Leaves. She begins to discover Black Leaves isn't your normal insistute, there's big secrets going on, murder, rape, and more at Black Leaves. Starring: Oritasho as Miss.Williams PeterWDawson as Officer TheOneMuse as Nurse.Myers Shawnkenobi as Doc.Block Athrocrane as Joshua and xxStephy as Alice Williams
Categories: Horror Mystery Drama