COLD Companion SIX - Groupies

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Description: COLD Companion SIX - Groupies The continuing story of The Vampire. This episode finds Gabrielle suffering with her inner demon. The bloodlust is powerful and it's beginning to break her down. Gabrielle, being a hunter herself, is finding the idea of killing a horrific yet tempting idea. She refuses to ask Eric for help, not wanting to let him know just how far gone she has become. She stalks the night, looking for blood in a form she can live with. She soon finds there are those willing to help out someone like her in her situation. Meanwhile, The Vampire and his band Sanguinary Tyrant are back in full form playing local city clubs. Club Sanguine being their favorite venue. However, the club is run by a different faction of vampires who desire their secrets stay secret. For the band, there is no shortage of groupies, their blood, and no mercy or remorse for them either. In case you missed them this is the order; COLD REPENT Cold Companions 1-5
Categories: Horror Drama