End of Memories 2 (By Bolch)

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Description: Voted 1st place in the 8 Eyed Baby Hot Picks. Over 20 minutes of action continues in this amazing series. NOW HOTPICKED! Jane Adder has finally returned to finish what she started in the critically acclaimed action/thriller END OF MEMORIES! Come and watch this breath-taking finale as Jane desperately tries to stop the plans of the evil mastermind Mr. Darke! Do you remember the first part? The sexy agent Jane Adder, the evil and enigmatic Mr. Darke, the stolen memory-altering technology, the infamous weight sensors ("pocket calculators") scene, the car chase with the rocket launcher? Let me tell you that the first movie was only the preparation: it served to introduce the characters and the situation. The real action starts NOW. The secret of Project Styx, the fate of humanity, the highly anticipated confrontation of Jane and Mr. Darke... it's all here. Featuring a stellar cast, complex storyline, memorable characters, eye-popping, heavily edited action scenes, blasting soundtrack, and a nice dose of custom content, END OF MEMORIES 2 is superior to the first part in every aspect and finishes the story with a bang! Although this movie picks up the story exactly where END OF MEMORIES left it off, but you don't have to watch it (again) to enjoy EOM 2: the film starts with a short reminder scene which quickly summarizes the previous events.. (But if you'd like to watch the two parts together - and admittedly it would give you the best experience - END OF MEMORIES is here: http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/76470) I know it's a long movie, but only because I wanted to tell a complex story and finish it properly. I think that it flows smoothly and naturally, and it will keep your attention the whole way through. If it won't... well, than I'm failed, But I hope this is not the case. :) I'd like to thank to everyone who - perhaps even unknowingly - helped me make this picture. Most of all, to all of the actors, who did a terrific job and made this movie much better than I have ever imagined. Here's the list of all who contributed to this movie. (I think I didn't leave out anyone - but if I did, just bring it to my attention and I'll modify the description immidiately!) THE CAST: Dulci as Jane Adder Mortalitis Infinitas as Mr. Darke Timo666 as the Boss Lizard3209 as Mr. Darke's goons and the Computer (also featuring the voice of Drucifer67 (as John Born) from the first part) SOUNDTRACK: (all music in the movie is free!) "Reflection" by Zeth "Fight!" by Basil81 "The March of War" by Smartpoetic "Incoming Invasion" by Taranos "Mystery Theme" and "Menu Theme" by Amateuranimator10 "Hunted" by Recoil "Final Fight" by ParagonX9 "Find him" by Godspeed CUSTOM CONTENT: - U.S. Office set by BradPitt - Winterized Field and Forest set by Mike - Custom Backdrops by Ozman69 And now... please lean back in your seat and enjoy the newest adventure of Jane Adder!
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