Bloody Tears (Tread Lightly Remix)

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Description: Originally composed by Kenichi Matsubara, Bloody Tears remains to be one of the most memorable and popular songs to have come from the Castlevania franchise. With a series of remixes ranging from house, trance, even a metal cover under debates over its true composer, its presence amongst both music and gaming fans is strong, as are countless other game scores. Back in 2008, I couldn't help but be inspired to do two things. One was to do a song that would get me interested in making new original tracks than to constantly rely on older ones, and second, to start off by doing a cover than to go right into something original. It only made sense to do something based on the game at hand, and for what I'm still working with, I feel it came out nicely, though it's much slower than its original and fellow covers. Slower is good though, 'cause it's not done that often. Still unsure what genre it sits best in, mostly because of the drums. Leaning towards trip-hop... Download it here. My Reverb Nation page.!/victorcreed
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