Season 2 The Spotlight: Phantom Savage 1-13-11 Promo

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Description: The Spotlight season 2 promo you can listen live at be sure to join the chat room to ask questions Host Kinte K. Fergerson Co-Host Psylent Knight, D.L. Watson & Neon-San Guest Kyle Land aka Phantom Savage Forum topic : Copyright Infringement Forum Guest, Carmichael Harvey, Ben Tuttle & Chris aka Teoxis Guest Kyle Land aka Phantom Savage My name is Kyle Land, a young voice actor. I have been working in my father\\'s professional sound studio since I was five years old and I have been used as a voice talent in various radio commercials, assorted radio productions and dramatizations, and have developed an understanding of the voice recording/production industry ever since. I am skilled in engineering/production services utilizing the Adobe Audition multitrackrecording/ programming system. I am not curently a member of SAG or AFTRA, but would be willing to renew my memberships as required. Both my Parents are professional writers and both work in the performance arts, therefore I have picked up a few tricks about writing, acting and voice acting, and Internet publishing in the process. As my father has long worked in the radio broadcast industry, I have had the privilege through the years to work with both broadcast computer systems and have spent long hours in the production room playing, producing, editing and babysitting for various people at the station. I also have produced and voiced a large number of radio commercials. Learning to use various writing and word processing programs on the computer, I authored a comprehensive treatment about a game concept at a very young age, that I still have today. I have also helped in writing, producing and voice-acting in a couple of radio dramas with my parents.
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