A Lonely Road (TMOA Idol 2011 Entry 3 of 3)

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Description: EDIT: Ok! I finally understand why so many people are commenting about the volume of the vocals... I just listened to the song on here and it turns out TMU messed up the audio so there is constant static and distortion throughout. The original recording sounds a million times better... I'll try upload that somewhere when I get a chance because I'm annoyed TMU ruined this one :( EDIT 2: Ok here is a much better quality version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWkmmXWYO7k This is my third and final entry to The Monk's 2011 TMOA Idol Competition, this time an original song by me. I wrote and recorded every part of this song. All comments and feedback much appreciated :) P.S. Since a few people are saying they thought my singing was too low in the mix, I thought I'd point out that it was intentional. I originally mixed the song with a more prominent vocal track and it sounded totally wrong (especially through my pc speakers, which made it sound almost acapella) so I brought it back in the mix a little (though I agree some parts I lowered too much). Really though, there isn't meant to be a single "lead" vocal, it's more a case of the various parts all fading into one another in a kinda dreamlike effect. "Stoner music", as Uber called it :P
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