Welcome to Happyville

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Description: Finally, the comedy that started it all is up on TMU! It is the story about a homeless man named Tippy and his best friend Himm who live in the sadistic city of Happyville filled with death and blood. Things seem to be going okay, until the violent and cruel Ghaster Googoo, nicknamed "the bum killer," shoots Tippy with a shotgun. Tippy is now yearning for revenge and embarks on a quest with his best friend Himm to destroy Ghaster and restore peace once and for all! An insane, off-the-wall tale filled with insane, off-the-wall characters, this is a comedy that you might enjoy if you are crazy and sniff glue. Sadly, it's in low-res, as I have no way of recovering the sound files of the movie in order to export it again. The Cast: Night565 as Tippy thebiz as Ghaster Googoo and Himm timothy_richmond_3 as Principal Baldilen and Dippo Written and Directed by timothy_richmond_3 Music created by timothy_richmond_3 Sorry, but I do not remember the names of the mods now. Well, anyway, enjoy!
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