Bronco and Billy: The Green Bean Casserole Situation

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Description: RATED R (Before the action restarts in earnest... Shidden Shiddog has something to say. If you have seen this movies... please leave a comment. If you hated this movie... please leave a comment. If you had sex with whomsoever while the movie was running in the background... please leave a comment. Even when you write - awesome, great, cool or bad, fucked up, not my cup of tea - please do so. I spend 6 month of my free time on this movie. And now back to Bronco and Billy: The Green Bean Casserole Situation) IT'S A DILDO INTERNATIONAL presents in association with DARK MACHINE PICTURES Bronco and Billy: The Green Bean Casserole Situation Taglines: If adventure has a name... it must be Bronco and Billy. Thank God... it's Only a Motion Picture! Laugh... or I'll blow your lips off! A tale of insanity, lust, greed, revenge, and crazy delicious food. Buy the ticket. Take the ride. Starring: GOOFPARADE as BRONCO KWISTUFA as BILLY RIOTT007 as UTERUS GUARDIAN BENJAMINZ as CHIEF MASTER SERGEANT VITAMIN D JOSEPHKW as GASTRO-INTESTINAL GURU KWIS KWISTUFFURSUN as BRAIN MASTER With: HOMEMADEEYE as NINA BEZZER as POPE RÄUBERLIGHTER as RAPIST JOSTER285 as the EROTIC DREAM SEQUENCE VOICE ROADRUNNER as HIMSELF 6HM as HIMSELF and introducing THEBIZ as DOCTOR BLADDER-STONE Screenplay by: SHIDDEN SHIDDOG BEZZER Written, Produced and Directed by: SHIDDEN SHIDDOG Music: "LOVE YOU IN THE MORNING" Produced, Composed, Performed, Arranged, Recorded and Mixed by GOOFPARADE aka MARC CHOLETTE Trivia: Dulci was offered the role as the Uterus Guardian but she declined respectfully. Shidden Shiddog wrote Bronco with a french accent in mind, but then Goofparade came up with a mexican accent and Shidden Shiddog just loved it. Production Time: 6 Month. Kuroken aka Mister Ken White said to Shidden Shiddog he would watch the movie and would leave a glorious comment.
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