A Sarcastic Review

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Description: I found this extremely sarcastic review on some travelling website dedicated to review certain airlines while planning a trip to Texas in March; the airline recieved mixed reviews, but I found this review amusing so I recorded it and made this video out of it. Review Good afternoon folks, on behalf of [Airline] Zoo-Lines and our entire staff, I would like to welcome you aboard our Airbus A-319 jungle tour service to Denver from Dayton Ohio. This aircraft is sponsored by Sheldon the Sea Turtle, who can be seen on the tail and each of the wingtips outside your window. Don't ask me why a craft that is supposed to fly, is being watched over by a creature that can barely swim. Anyway, Today's crew of trained circus bears will be attempting to serve you and address any of your inflight needs. If you should have any imminent problems that can't wait for your impatient ass to get to Denver, just press the attendant-ignore button above your seat. I would like you to direct your attention forward as Yogi and Booboo attempt to provide our safety demonstration. In the likely event our band of Bonobo Monkey mechanics forgot to tighten the lug nuts, and we have to ditch into the Colorado river, the fat whale occupying the seat next to you, and half of yours, may be used as a flotation device. I must remind you that federal regulations prohibit the smoking of any \"tobacco\" products on this flight. If you managed to get any non-tobacco substances past Ranger Rick and his posse of TSA raccoons, please pass them to the front row, as I can use it to help with my glaucoma.' Thank you for flying [Airline Name]. Go fuck yourself.
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