Memoirs of Meuse River

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Description: Written by staree_films I forgot to add Mustachio26 to the credits, I feel so bad about it. Sorry Mustachio! An old man remembers his war days and how they affected him so. CAST Lizard3209 k4ownzall goofparade sisch pookashells (butchered heavily) SPECIAL GUESTS Chris B. Spirit Active_Studios TFoster artorious Mustachio26 KNOWN PROBLEMS The sound synch bug pops in and out slightly and noticeably at the end. There is a black flash frame right before the extra solder steps on the land mine. I might've mentioned the sound bug really kicks in at the last 5 secs of the film. ;) No sound synch for Asbury in one shot. Bazooka Scene: A tip of the blue screen is visible. SOUND FX Sound Effects Studio Pro MUSIC 1812 Overture (Public Domain) Motion Mastered by Rucklo MODS Modern Office by Dr. House? (Someone please fill me in) Retextured Field by pookashells Shop Facades by FraasMovies Animated Animal props by gleem Weather effects by rysto Western City Street (retexture of the Urban City Street) by ? Snow Sets by FraasMovies? (I believe) Snowy Road prop by pookashells Destroyed Walls by pookashells Blood makeup by pookashells Bamboo building by pookashells Tank by MikeDBoing Plane props by JohanSturk Meuse River by pookashells All Overlays by pookashells Asteroid props by Rik_Vargard SPECIAL THANKS TO Lizard3209 (for putting up with recording over 50 lines, most of them screaming) k4ownzall (from a miscommunication, recorded more lines than neccessary, once again involving screaming.) staree_films (it's been fun) Mustachio26 (thanks for all your lines, they were fun to listen to, even if not in the Final Cut)
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