Merry Christmas, Sweetheart (Number 10)

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Description: '1st Place Winner' in Holiday Greeting Compeition at Please watch before reading this: Genre: Drama In case the writing at the end was illegible: "On December 25th, 1998 Natalie Ainsworth died after a car accident while in labour with her baby daughter Sherry. She held onto life just long enough to have her baby delivered via C-Section. Natalie's husband Francis was driving Natalie to the hospital to have Sherry delivered on what was the best Christmas present of his life. Every year, Francis sits alone in his home office and wishes his late wife a Merry Christmas." Notes: The "Number 10" in the title implies that this is the 10th time Francis has wished his wife a Merry Christmas since her death. This story is fiction, based on an old screenplay of mine.
Categories: Drama