Wilson Green: The Last Ride

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Description: Wilson Green recounts attending a memorial service held in a barn. You can't make this stuff up. Or should I say that you can't make most of it up. This Wilson Green Monologue is based on a true event in my life. I just added a little flavor at the end. You can check the spoiler section to find out what is true and what isn't. This film was originally intended to be submitted to The Monk's Storyteller Competition and as such it fits the constraints of having someone tell a story and limiting the scenery to a black background. The only mods are: FraasMovies Child Prop (TIMMY!) FraasMovies Moving Dirtywater The important thing for me was to provide a slice of life humorous story. There is a lot wrong with this movie technically so I'll save everyone the energy and recount the flaws. The ground is moving water. Yes, I needed to cover the blue tiles and I thought it looked like brown earth. Maybe it's damp earth just shimmering in the moonlight :-) I now realize there are other floor tile options. Sound design is lacking. Wilson is walking a lot but the footsteps were detracting from the dialogue so I dumped most of them. VO quality: I may have used a tad bit too much noise reduction. *****SPOILER SECTION******* Look away if you haven't watched the movie first!!!! The TRUE Facts behind this story: My wife has accumulated many pets over the years including: horses, dogs, cats, rabbits and a fish. We have 2 dogs which she rescued. She has found many other lost or homeless pets and either returned them to their owners or found them a new home. The two rescued dogs include a one eyed Beagle and a Terrier with no teeth. My wife is fanatical about all things horse related and she does belong to a horseman's club. A club member did die of cancer. We did attend a memorial service for her held inside a barn's indoor riding arena. The guest of honor was there in an urn. Her horse was there and made an appearance all tacked up. There was a buffet table, pictures and a video of her riding in competitions. She did want to get on her horse one last time when she knew she would not survive the cancer but never did. During the planning stage of the memorial service the idea was discussed to fasten her urn to the saddle for her "last ride". Common sense prevailed and this idea was scrapped. I was at the planning meeting thinking "Have these people lost their minds?" while secretly hoping they went through with the plan. I guess this is my way of getting my wish. Or is it her wish?
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