Bull Run

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Description: By Savage_Rabbit (If this is your movie and you would like it removed please contact us) This movie is strictly based on a true story. The names of characters and places are totally historical. The sequence of events described in this particular film are in fact, step-by-step, based directly on the real experiences of Captain Nathaniel Dawson at The Battle of Bull Run. To those of you who don't own TMO and are watching this (namely sidadoo who mentioned this): yes, I realize that rifles in the 1860s were not semi-automatic, but in one particular scene I didn't cut the scene until about three seconds after I should have, yielding the appearance of a fellow firing twice. This particular editing flaw actually really bothers me, but, hey, it's not that bad. All VOs are done by savage_rabbit as usual. Oh, and if you like good ol' Westerns, check out my two other flicks if you like. Heck, even leave a review if you want. They're old but I still like 'em. :D JAMESPETTS: Ah, yes, you've pointed out the flaw that has naggged at me and had so far passed in some degree beyond the public eye! Now, all the things you pointed out are technically true, although it must be your particular sound setup that picked them out so phenomenally. I'm sure you've no idea how much I struggled to get the audio the best that I could, my sound setup being very poor at the time (now, about 4 weeks later I have a new sound card and all, my next movie should be vastly improved in that aspect). The buzz was totally unavoidable and happened when ANYTHING was plugged into my old soundcard, headphones, anything. And also the input level on my microphone was quite inflexible, the only way I could get my own voice audible was to place the mic right next to my mouth (thus the breathing) and believe it or not I was speaking as loudly and distinctly as I could without yelling (although yelling was necessary a couple of times, one time seemed to end up TOO loud). Anyway, I'm sorry that you were not more pleased with the film, but I consider your criticisms valid if the quality of the audio really was exaggerated as greatly on your end as you say. SZAKOLCZAI--Hand grenades??? What? Did you actually watch the movie? The only thing I could imagine is that you're confusing cannonfire with hand grenade blasts... which is very strange.... UBERNEWBIE-- You are correct that gray and blue were worn by both sides. In fact, at a seperate engagement at the very battle that this movie took place in, a Union battery was captured near the Henry House by a unit of Confederates dressed entirely in blue (who were mistaken for Federals). Although as a general rule I had the Rebs in gray and butternut and the Union with blue jackets, I did throw in a Confederate with a blue uniform, and I varied up the Yankee uniforms as well. You are correct that it is a fairly common misconception concerning the distinction of the opposing sides' uniforms, which is the very reason that I made the sides fairly distinct in their appearances in my short little film to avoid confusion. Just because blue WAS worn by the Confederates and gray WAS worn the Union does not mean that I should have the Rebels in blue and the Yankees in gray, especially as the opposite still was IN FACT correct in general, although with a large number of exceptions. The "steady stream of wounded men in gray" stumbling to the rear is actually an excerpt from one of Nathaniel Dawson's letters to Elodie Todd, his fiancee. It was in fact LATER in the war when the uniforms of the Confederates showed up more blue from captured Yankee uniforms, although there were certainly irregular units near the beginning in blue (zouaves for example). However, the 4th Alabama was not one of these units, as per the words of the commander of the very company that this film is about. I hardly see the advantage in confusing my short little battle scene with an unnecessary adjustment to costumes that otherwise do their job (one, in fact, as likely contrary to historical accuracy as contiguous with... I have no solid evidence that indicates I should make the uniforms of the 7, count 'em, 7 living Union soldiers in my film gray, so I'm not sure why I should make them such simply for the sake of pandering to pretentions that may confuse the flow of the movie). Things I would like to fix: --the thumbnail came out quite wrong, which is a shame because I had a very nice selection for it. --there are a few places that I have noticed where I ought to have cut the scene early, etc., for one reason or another... please do not count off too severely for the editing fallibilities of which you take note --the exclaiming Rebel toward the end of the film (as often happens when exporting movies from The Movies) has an improperly synced mouth with his dialogue... oh well. --the lip synching for one of Nathaniel's onscreen speaking parts is also off-kilter... but again, such is "The Movies." In response to constructive criticisms: --Yes, I realize that I could have dragged out the movie and put in filler dialogue in an attempt to help the viewer associate with the protagonist more, but my direction philosophy for "The Movies" is similar to that of Edgar Allan Poe's for short stories: create something streamlined that drives across mainly one major atmosphere/theme. I try to concentrate the material into as compact a form as can be done in order to more easily hold the viewer's attention with such a clunky medium, as the more drawn out and loquacious pieces on TMO do not appeal to me.
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