The Longing Part 2

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Description: This is part 2 of the 2 part subtitled story "The Longing". I originally wrote this story in my youth. The Movies Game allowed me to bring it to life visually. The Longing is a story set in the old west about a boy who becomes a man through hardship and the love of a girl. But in a time after slavery and war divided a nation, their love may be a only dream. Here is what people said of this wonderful series. "Brilliantly executed film. A daring and original idea. You used the in-game music to perfection. A fine first film indeed". - TheMGMKid "The Longing is probably the most impressive narrative subtitled film I have seen on TMO. It is as simple as that. Is it flawless? but what movie is? what it is though, is engaging,gripping,natural,heart breaking and worth every minute of ones time." - Nukester "It's Good Solid Drama. Simple as that. An absorbing story that keeps raising the stakes and sinks the hooks into you. " - Armand "Touching,moving, character-driven, a classic western, that is what this whole series has been, an amazing series without a doubt." - derbyrams
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