Agent 009

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Description: --+-----Movie Description--+------ This is a movie based on the following events between agents and terrorists this film is based on the james bond movies and specially edited and designed to make a excellent entry to the tmunderground site itself though it may not be as well edited as other films produced and made by other people who used The Movies Game or its Expansion Stunts and Effects, The story and plot may not make any since but I assure you it was a hour long experience to make this film itself it took some thought and specialized mp3 music converted into OGG vorbis files and it took me about a long time to make this movie maybe a hour or minute or so but it was the greatest kind of idea to come to my mind, so now that you know about the basic stuff, i'll tell you the story plot behind this movie and why terrorists are attacking these agents and blah blah blah, ==========Story Plot of why they were attacked======== Two Special agents John Band and Cathy Bright have been sent on a mission by their special agency chief to track down dangerous and street smart terrorist thugs who kill innocent people in their way and they have a evil plot by Hector Von Klotz their main terrorist leader to cause havoc and destruction on the city and basically make a specialized bomb that can blow up the whole entire town, and these two agents were sent on a mission to destroy their targets by any means necessary so they scope out the city on the look out for the terrorists when suddenly the terrorists ambush the agents by military helicopter and the agents went to far out of the city into the jungles of BrimStone Island where the terrorists leader Hector Von Klotz is hiding out, and the agents have a missle fired at them by the terrorists and they crash land into the forests where the U.S Army's base is located at so the U.S Soldiers investigate the helicopter crash and finds the agents they were expecting laying wounded from the plane crash, no burns were found on the bodies of the agents but the agents were still alive, so The U.S Military stays well armed to guard their base from any intruders coming to destroy the agents themselves and so the agents unsuccessfull of looking for Hector Von Klotz left the jungle of Brimstone Island to scope around the area in the terrorists aircraft to still be on the look out for the notorious crime lord Hector Von Klotz, will they succeed in finding their prime target or are they being ambushed again figuring out they were actually lead into a trap by Hector Von Klotz, Find out soon of more details in Agent 009 2 Evil Warmed Over coming to a youtube and TmUnderground site near you!