Natural Occurance

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Description: (Yes, I know occurrence has two r's and an a - the different spelling was deliberate, the reasons for which would have become clear as the series progressed) Realized I'd never uploaded this puppy to TMU, and since it was my return to filmmaking after the first year of TMOA Radio ate up my time AND this series was to be the trunk from which the branches of much of my other projects would sprout (talk about your metaphors...), thought I'd toss it out there. The series is a prequel to the Awakening series. The Wendy you see here is the same Wendy you see in Awakening 1. It all has meaning and purpose. After I get through Redemption and Conquest: Daedalus, I may return to this series and run it to the end - it might be good to revisit works I did when I still had some talent.... From the original credits: London, November 1969.... A man and woman meet in a pub....there's a spark, a connection..... But nothing is what it seems...... Natural Occurance is the first of an 8-film episodic series. Part 2, Lost Lives, will be coming someday. Cast in order of appearance: Wendy - Lynette Jimmy the Barman - MixmasterFestus Alf - rjb2112 Stu - Alfric Klaus - FoDoog Mr. Dale - Ranger21 Senator Hill - Duffy Brenda - Ayana Police Officer - HoldMyKidney Music: "I Didn't Mean To Fall In Love" - The Epicureans "Bad Girl" - Beatlesex "Your Life" - Flanagan's Fog "Be TheDay" - Flanagan's Fog "Butterfly" - Innox "Let Her Pass" - Beatlesex Mods: Irish Pub - MelGhoul Hotel Bedroom - Frooplet Corridor - Frooplet London Street - Meowan All Sound Effects and Music are either Public Domain, used under Creative Commons License, or used with the permission of the artist.
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