November i-i

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Description: Overture Reset Season 1 - Episode 1 "Movies are never finished, they are just abandoned..." This episode feels kind of done, but not completely done, if you catch my drift. Special thanks to the cast for waiting a long time for me to finish: sparky1512 as Thomas Railly goofparade as Hayden Spencer Lizard3209 as Derrick Birkin JennyN as Marie Lanning voicegirl (aka Katie Denhart) as Kerry Avery D.L. Watson as Tetsuo Maeda Jase180 as Daniel zellieberraine as the Therapist (no lines) Mods Cockpit by MikDBoing Shuttle by ubernewbie Drifting ship by Moonlightpictures Music by myself with Audacity and Pro Scores. SFX from soundsnap and Soundtrack pro.