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Description: This machinima is Filmed on Second Life by Courtesy of Bryn Oh - Immersiva & Aston Leisen - China (background creators) ClockWork - Secondlife * 2nd place on Bitfilm Festival 2011 category Machinima * Included on The FILE -- Electronic Language International Festival 2011 exhibition (São Paulo - Brazil) * Included on The FILE -- Electronic Language International Festival 2012 exhibition (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil) * Selected best Internet video of week - Internet Video Mag * Honourable Mention Prizes on MachinimUWA University of Western Australia Second Edition of the "the art of the Artists") This idea came from the fact that I work with computers and programming be my professional choice, imagine what we can briefly see the language of a computer, your software, everything is so basic so surreal. request permissions to access, link trading, secure connection, infect, destroy, shutdown, intrinsic issue, these are some of the words that easily associate with this "new" computer world where the interface is more complex to us we can see how elementary language is a simple, basic and context with their surroundings, told much in terms of irony, Clockwork is a project not too complicated to perform but rather saying "time consuming". Applied massive effects to cause impact on the viewer. The interface emerged in a embraced moment of dream Simulation, it was a reference to duo existence. The pointer was unexpected and lead me to engage in more in-depth inquires. And so, of course, my first stop was time itself and the machinima. The Mechanics were pre-composed to add a new vision of the platform. A flood of provocative thinking, that I hope you enjoy. Massive use of effects to impact the viewer. [X-Virus] - Than from the starting point, this composition is nothing more than an analogy of an imaginary within a electronic circuit (I call it the clockwork), powerful and affordable as used for good or for bad. After some downtime, I wanted to return to desk work and develop a new project such as this that are outlined here. This work has 99% of scenes edited in After Effects, using various plugins such as: Shatter, Trapcode Form, Optical Flares, Red Giant Toon It, CC Cylinder, Starglow, etc.. Voice provided by Cepstral Voices (totally custom). Production Manager spyVspy Aeon In association with