Sing A Song of Suspense

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Description: My first tryout with 'Quoth', the Moviestorm raven. Sing a song of suspense, A bottle full of rye. Four and twenty blackbirds, Baked in a pie. When the pie was opened, The birds began to sing; Wasn't that an evil dish, To set upon the king? The king was in a panic now, Shouting for his mummy; The queen had locked the door, And it wasn’t very funny. The mob were on his belly, Pulling out his guts; When down came a blackbird And pecked off his nuts. The Queen was in the counting house, Gloating over money. As the king was done now, Her life was bread and honey. But all was not quite over, The King, he wasn’t dead. He brought down an axe, And chopped off her head. This movie owes thanks to; PapaG - handheld props mod - Sounds from; thanvanispen davidworksonline Q.K. emusounddesign philberts Vosvoy Timbre Made with Moviestorm