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Description: A entry for Mefune Akira's Trailer Competition. Two heroes are left to defend for their lives after a villain figures out their identities. Starring: MacWemyss- Daniel 162- Michelle Sonya- Shadow BMcCauley- News Anchor, Sitcom Cop BlazeLeeDragon- Sarge in WW2 Movie Jet Strange- Bomb Squad Cop BenTuttle90- Private in WW2 Movie, Random Hero Sound Effects from Soundsnap, Freesound, Fallout 3 Nexus, and BenTuttle90. Music "In a House, In a Heartbeat" by John Murphy (28 Days Later Soundtrack) "Farewell" by Danny Elfman (Terminator Salvation Soundtrack) "The Beginning is the End is the Beginning" by The Smashing Pumpkins. Mods by Stvndysn SamyHouse Dr. House BBM 6hm Tarison Rileyman FraasMovies Frenhofer Concordy32 Mel Ghoul MarvellousGuppiMovies Walvince Atypikk Darkwolf176 Jess Franco SexyMaria Regolero Malak Rysto BusStopWilly BenTuttle90 Effects found at
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