Sometimes You Die Twice

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Description: Movie by Spaceman72. Originally released Feb. 18, 2007. Agent Quinn returns to the big screen again in the brand new movie "Sometimes you die twice". The latest weapon of the United States is missing and an evil genius is threatening the world again, then only one man can save the world again, Agent Quinn. Starring: k4 as Doctor Blofinger kwistufa as Mister Lee and as Submarine Lt. sisch as Svetlana Imanova postmodernchuck as The Chief EthanRunt as Boris thebaloob123's Dad as Professor Itaku and as Bad Guy #4 pookashells as Captain of the Submarine jezzball91 as Airport Employee and Lkuey and myself as Bad Guys Agent Quinn's voice was created through "Textaloud" from together with the voice "Daniel" from Scansoft. The software and the voice was purchased and licensed to use. It contains a lot of custom stuff as usual. :) The submarine prop is available on .php?ModID=1625 Other mods used in this movie by: Fraasmovies, JohanSturk, MarvellousGuppiMovies, Tigereyes, Lizard, MelGhoul. Sorry if I've forgot someone. :) The soundtrack was partially custom made with Magix Music Maker and the following tracks are royalty free licensed (A-License from for the themes): "Double O" by Patrick Smith, "Propellerheads" by Shane McKenzie. The Themesong is from Norine Braun "Persephone" which is available at This Song was purchased and falls under "non-commercial" use. And by the way: The montone voice of Agent Quinn is his trademark, so I will never change it, unless the fans are asking for it. As for now the fans of Agent Quinn are just loving this voice because it brings some laughter up. The Agent Quinn movies aren't intend to be only a Bond spoof, they are parodies on different spy movies from the sixties!
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