The Hollow Dance: In The Name of Love

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Description: The Hollow Dance - Part 1 - In The Name of Love The story focuses on a Jewel thief named Leon. He gets caught in a vicious spiralling game of revenge...What leads Leon and Eddie to the events that transpire? Voice Cast Leon - Lizard3209 Eddie - Krysstian (not from TM)) Jimmy - Docontheweb Cop - DNR Yet To Appear Dulci and Kuroken (for the Astronaut too :) ) Skarsten and probably more :P Music (All from on Creative Commons) David Schombert - Miniature Xcyril - Suspence dans un film d action Grégoire Lourme - Souvenirs De Guerre/Le Vieux Fort Grégoire Lourme - Tir Au Pigeon Grégoire Lourme - Arrivée Au Fort Mods LH Intro - Approved By Woody Church Ruin - Richegroover Goggles - A german site I can't remember the name of, if someone lets me know what it is I'll gladly change it. Mini 360 Blue Screen - Tarison Sound Effects Numerous sound effects collected from, a1freesoundeffects, and Massive thanks go to Gleem and Tarison, both who endeavoured in their own special ways to produce things that make this movie what it is
Categories: Mystery Action Drama