Soul Plague

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Description: Sometype of creature has been discovered, unfortunately not for the best. As it is released the "slayer" takes charge, being unleashed. In this twist and turn sci-fi. NOTE: when uploading the film something got screwed up and it started replayng the same scene over and over but with the natural voice. This occurs around 6mins through the film, do not watch the film from then on but listen, watchng the scene for the remainder of the film may cause some health problems so please, take the time to listen to the film and pay attention to the sound and voice and down down rate it because of the errors that had occured at the time. You will be able to understand whats going on by listening to the beautiful music and dialouge, now the film is a little more than 20mins and has something until the very end, this is one of my favorite films of my own. I hope you enjoy, thanks alot. -Sith