Shadows of Fire: Line Between Black and White Pt 3

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Description: The threat has come and the line has to be drawn, but at what cost? Cast: G'Char - Jorge Campos Fur'til - Fulkster J'Tala - Lucinda McNary Admiral Rosline - sisch Commander Nikoli - Orky Commander Tel'hechi - pookashells Chief Engineer - josephkw Tactical Officer - Shawn Gee Communications Officer - Snowfender Stagehand - Shawn Gee --------------------------------------------- Modifications: Star Trekkin - DavidWWW Sci Fi - DavidWWW Head Retextures - RogueVirus Elevator - Fulkster Costume Retextures - Bongoman ---------------------------------------------- Sound Effects: ---------------------------------------------- Editing Software: Windows Movie Maker Sony Vegas Adobe After Effects Audacity Wavepad ----------------------------------------------- Music (In order of Appearance): A New Day - MarkySpark Ready for War - Blackattackbitch Preparing for War - NightKilla Silver Inflection - Plasmatic Unwanted War - Brumy929 Calbaria - Intero