A Sith Lord in LA

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Description: By Yngvelli (If this is your movie and you would like it removed please contract us) Recently George Lucas found a new way to exploit the star wars franchise. This time by making a hilarious familysitcom. It´s about how Anakin, Obi Wan and Padmé moves to a cousy Los Angeles neighborhood. And theyre neighbour is a hilarious hippie alien. Be sure to watch this pilot episode. (Voice acting) Anakin Skywalker: Max Gustafsson Others: Yngvelli boy. //Ive noticed some people think I overuse the canned laughter. But it is kinda the point since every cheesy sitcom out there, from Full House to Step by step, has extremly annoying canned laughter that sounds extremly phony. So please, have this in mind when you watch the film.
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