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Description: LAWMAN pt1 The Wyatt Earp Adventures \"Wyatt Earp was a man of action. He was born, reared, and lived in an environment which held words and theories of small account, in which sheer survival often, and eminence invariably, might be achieved through deeds alone. Withal, Wyatt Earp was a thinking man, whose mental processes were as quick, as direct, as unflustered by circumstance and as effective as the actions they inspired.\" 1875 Dodge City Kansas welcomed the return of legendary lawman Wyatt Earp. The towns previous sheriff was shot dead in the back by a trio of cowardly thugs named Jebediah McCoy and his brothers Alton and Thompson. So the honorable Mayor \"Mad Dog\" Kelley sent for the \"Hero of the West\" by telegram to clean up the city. Currently Dodge is overrun by a criminal group of horse thieves, cattle rustlers, murderers, and renegade Indians called The Gatling Gang. Their leader is Henry Gatling, nicknamed \"Father Henry\" due to his one-time failed pursuit of priesthood. His two main captains, Ben Abraham and Cornelius \"Sleepy\" Abraham manage the gang hideout bar on the outside of town. The Gatling family was one of the wealthiest Texas cattle ranchers in the territory, until Henry's older brother Earl Gatling murdered their parents for the inheritance. Since Earl was convicted then sent to jail, Henry has taken control of the family empire, and driven its \"good name\" into the ground by hiring outlaws of the worse sort. The Mayor has ordered his deputies to arrest any gang members on sight for crimes including murder, stealing, rape, and smuggling Longhorn Cattle illegally into Kansas just to name a few. So Henry has sent Jeb and his brothers Alton and Thompson, along with a Comanche Indian nick-named Fitz, to kidnap the Mayor and kill Wyatt and any who aid him. Directed & Written by Rocco Carcheri Lawman Webpage @ With No VA or dialog Looking for dialog writer(s) and Voice Actor's
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