Timebomb - A short test movie

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Description: One of the short films I premiered on TMU Theater on Monday along with Batman: Man in Tights part 2. Just a quick little test I did. Experimenting with lens flares, etc. Yeah there is no lip-synch because I was using a mac computer, and that is why I won't be using mac again for machinima. Both roles played by me, hope you guys enjoy it :) P.S. If you enjoyed the visual style (this was just really a test with lens flares and stuff) and think it would make a good look for a series, let me know because that might be something I'm interested in doing ;) Music by John Powell P.S. For anyone who doesn't know, the reason I mentioned using a Mac was because the Movies doesn't do lip-synch for Mac computers, hence the reason the lip-synch didn't work ;)