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Description: ODYSSEY: EPISODE TWO “PROPHET MOTIVE” The ship is tasked with ferrying a representative of a new religious group to a conference of religious leaders, a matter that brings Ryan into conflict with his own feelings. Meanwhile someone, or something, will stop at nothing to make sure that meeting doesn’t take place… as unrest grows and the situation balances on a knife-edge, Nolan must discover who… or what… is doing the killings and stop them, before the green-fields of Princeps run red with blood… STARRING Goofparade Sisch JosephKw Kwistufa Sparky1512 Lanna Guest Starring Allpoint Biggstrek Ubernewbie And special appearance by Dulci as President Ellen Mckinley Stay tuned after the credits for a sneak at Episode Three... then go and watch Conquest: Artifact Part Two if you haven't already... and, if you have, go watch it again to see the conclusion to the epic CQ two parter!
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