Sola Fide

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Description: From the way back when era.. SOLA FIDE Richard Falcones life 3 years after the events in Kens Last Rites Series. The story follows what became of Falcone as he picked up where Father Hooker left off. If you didnt see Kurokens film, you should still be able to enjoy this. My entry into Kurokens X-box comp. Starring Lizard as Samael Goofparade as The Arch Angel Michael Jase180 as Richard Falcone Mustachio26 as David Music by The Kiev Seminary Choir used with permission/creative commons/public domain license Stellamara ???Kereshme??? used with permission/creative commons/public domain license Sound Design by Me from my own library of fx created using Mixcraft. Samaels voice created by Lizard. Mods from Bus Stop Willy Mike DBoing Marvellous Guppi Movies (whom i forgot to list in film credits for the Waterfall mod and I wanna make special mention of that, as Guppis a stand up modder) Rysto Eobaggs Pookashells Capt Strider 8 eyed baby fraasmovies Skinshack This film is for the cast and modders who made it possible. Couldn???t have done it without them. Thank you guys!
Categories: Horror Mystery