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Description: While Rocco and Mary have their wedding and their honeymoon, the BRONXBROTHERS family business of crime in New York is being taken over by Walken. He and his eldest brother Paul are the last of the BRONXBROTHERS crime empire in America. Walken has been in jail for 30 years and is completely deranged and evil. Today he was released from jail and is spending quality time with a hooker in his penthouse condo in the Bronx. Paul is a priest who has spent his life trying to change his brothers twisted ways. Now he's helping his only nephew named Rocco, put an end to the family business. Walken has his son Junior, as his bodyguard, and his daughter Angelina, as his assassin. She is currently having an affair with the corrupt Senator of New York, named Mel. Also her soon to be ex-husband Johnny, a gypsy heroin addict, is blackmailing Walken with incriminating photos of his business partner Senator George Bush, in an attempt to get Angelina to meet him for another talk of reconciliation.
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