BET 2012 SOD Cypher - Soulja Boy Lil B Vegeta from Dragon Ba

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Description: This is a parody of SOD Money gang you know how on bet they always have a cypher from a music group like good music then they had slaughter house This is how I believe an sod cypher would go lol *If I get more likes than dislikes I will make a music video to go along with it* Yah feel me Swagg Category: Comedy Tags: Ball Dragon Dragon Ball Awards Mtv Crank Choice Soulja Boy (Musical Artist) Dragon Ball (Adapted Work) Vegeta (Fictional Character) Bad Best Cribs Live Grammy Academy hip hop rap cat mudkip bro Cypher bet rachet kool-aid kool aid swagg Freestyle Hiphop girl young money Rapper crunk Underground Battle Flow Mixtape Animation Humor Funny