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Description: WARNING: Contains adult subject matter language, and drug and alcohol references. Rated AARGH! For viscious villainous situations. This X-mas infomercial for Dr. Mezmero's House of Henchmen stars the incomparable Goofparade as the tyrannical Team X villain, Brother Grim. I tried to hold my own opposite the star as the twisted Dr. Mezmero. Killian and I wrote this in 15 minutes over a lunch of skype more than a month ago. Big ups to HIS comic genius. So,stop by the lair and see what these insane supervillains have cooked up for this wondrous holiday season... Mods and Overlays: Chris62, Johan Sturk, BusStopWilly, Tier6Cinema,AlexBradley, Rysto, Sprw32, FraasMovies , Daninsky, Biggstrek, Killerbee, VividVideos, LeoLionStudios, BenStudios1991, Xolotl. Music by: Elvis Presley, The Zombies, Rjb2112. FreesoundProject, SoundDogs, RoyaltyFreeMusic, PublicDomainMusic, Youtube. Special thanks to: The and its demented matriarch Riott007 who prompted me to do this for her christmas comp ( i won) Norrie for helping me to get it loaded, Kwistufa for trying other stuff for production, Goofparade again for his advice on Audacity, and all the other Rioteers for being just as fucked up as me. Burkey1993 for the poster/sig. And to Ken for starting this damned cool site. Rock on Ken, rock on! Last but certainly not least,my mentor Chris62 for the endless help with not only mods music and overlays but advice and collaboration on this and EVERY one of my projects in the last 6 months not to mention being there when I was down, without your help Chris, my noob ass probably would've quit by now. Stop reading and watch the friggin movie, already!
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