Yielded Nature

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Description: Yielded Nature is a short film set to the song "Gone With The Day", by Faunts. It follows a gas masked scavenger (Nile Zam Jones) on his trail through urban decay to find peace amongst the rubble. YN has had a turbulent production. Shot without a script, no budget, and no dialouge, it was interrupted in mid-film due to the crew mistakenly being on private property (and being arrested for it). However, we are proud of the final project and considering it was done over a period of only two days with no former planning, we think it came out very well all things considered. Directed by Alessandro Bricoli Performed by Nile Zam Jones Concept by Nile Zam Jones and Alessandro Bricoli Visual Effects by Nicholas Torres "Gone With The Day" - by Faunts Special thanks to Matt Benevento and Cakirhan Cakirgill for assistance in managing equipment and getting us help during our run in with the Essex County police (our deepest apologies, officers). Shot on a Cannon t2i using a 50mm lens