The Silence

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Description: Movie by GIJoe2k6. Released March 7, 2006. It is about the life of one falling in love, at last. Therefore I put it in the romance corner while it could have been elsewhere, too... This is not a quite usual romance so I took the liberty to introduce the protagonist with the depth he required. "The Silence" is actually my second movie but the first one (I am working on since December 05) is still in production. Then I had the idea of this one and gave it a higher priority because it was shorter and simpler in the making. The moving of the sound track when cutting the video track is very strange and a unfounded mystery to one coming from real video making. But let's not complain... Contains: - Nearly full VO - some custom backdrops from TMO - some custom sound effects from several special effect CDs I bought years ago - no music (that fits the title. I tested it with music, too, but that was counterproductive: it lowered the impact of the voice track) The main voice in the movie is not electronically modified. Do not fear, it's only voice acting, and usually I do not have this harsh tone (resulting, for the main part, of a dry throat). But it was needed exactly in this broken and desillusioned manner to fit the character, even if some may think that the voice were too monotone.
Categories: Romance Drama