The Resurgence: Chronicles of the Shadow Chaser (Mini movie)

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Description: New extended trailer/ mini-movie to promote my upcoming novel, The Resurgence: Chronicles of the Shadow Chaser. Featuring the voice talents of: Jade Arcade, Manny DeJesus , Monique Jodouin, Jason McLeod, Mark Belaire, Michael Perkey, Jacqui More, David E. Roy, Kathy Belaire, Rene Lecompte, Gregg Thomas, Ron Belaire Jr., and Wayne Carrie Modders and Websites Thank you to all the modders at Skinshack,, 8eyedbaby,, and Home Cool Mods.; Shadow Chaser costume mod by Sanction27; concordy32: backdrops, dna match; back drop set; underwater overlay; mrbatchy 1980s office; Drucifer67: hospital bed and wheelchair; Fraasmovies: child actors; all guns; genome living room, cylinder; gothic wall; laser blue wall; Stormwhitelab: Canadian flag; Rysto: Wheather; biggstrek : red eyes robot overlay; Vivid_Videos: mask overlay; Green TC: bloody scar; MelGhoul: sky mask and scrubs; Rogue: mask; Freak6010: colour backdrops; Doj: water props;Lizard: city apart; Rik-Vargard: future mod; Skelch engine room; Evolchild: glass office and pac.; Mr_Rainbow: hospital bed; The joker: living room mod; Skelch: bloodstream overlay; Vivid_Videos: ski mask overlay; Trip: rooftop upscale; dojo; Onald: bone chair; sword pack; Reacher: wall and scrolling walls; Rollercoasterproduct: sci lfi labo; Punisher99: laboroatory; Bloox87: haunted cooridor; 6-headedmonster: blood puddle; skarsten: crate pack; Monkeybiz: motor bike; Frenhofer: floor props; Dannisky: Transport effect; cloud effect Music Grave Blow, Supernatural, Unrelenting, and Darkness is Coming by Kevin MacLeod. Revelations 6:17 by VTZ. Stronger by Dandelium. Software used to make this trailer was from The Movies: PC By Lionhead Studios. Check out my website at: And my Facebook group.