Shoelaces and Eggs

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Description: The shoelace and the death of a sparrow. Who knew they would spell the end for mankind? But not all hope was lost. One unlikely hero, would try to save us all... Shoelaces & Eggs, the prequel to The Shoelace Wars. Funding for this film provided by H.A.S.* English Voiceovers: Jennifer KATuna as Narrator and female victims Andy_Inc as Montgomery Rysto as remaining male roles Music from newgrounds -----Artists: GrimmDeath, madboss, RyeGuyHead, TheAmateurAnimator, XGM-Zeth Mod Sites: Directors Cut Modding Foundry, 8eyedbaby, Skinshack, TMO Bar & Grill, Mod Cafe, FraasMovies, The XTM Modders: Daninsky, Tigereyes, Tarison, Rik Vargard, FraasMovies, Reacher, Dr. House, Gleem, Stvndysn, Johan Sturk, Killerbee5, Mokeybiz, JimboWelcome, TempleoftheGods Special Thanks: Andy_Inc and Evillatenighttv for overlay support -----------------JimboWelcome for dead cow/dog mods *Humans Against Sparrows
Categories: War Fantasy Comedy