ABDUCTED...with Shocking Ending Version

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Description: Synopsis: A psychologist is called in to an asylum for the mentally disturbed to investigate a man who says he’s been abducted by aliens and now continues to see them everywhere. Maybe our doctor…psychologist Jennifer Logan can determine the cause of the problem and help the patient before it is too late. Laugh if you want…but ever since I made this movie, I have been looking over my shoulder. I’ve been scared! I can’t help but feel sorry and even sad for the patient in this story. SPOILERS: Don’t read until after watching Commentary: This was my most complex and time-consuming MoviesStorm project. I tried some different fx and experimented a little, so I’m still learning. The story went a little longer in length than I planned. Even though some of the characters actions seem humorous, this is meant to be an eerie horror sci-fi type story. I thought it would make the story even stronger by having the lead character, the doctor…Jennifer Logan…be a strong character of a young woman that has a sharp mind but still have compassion for the patient. I wanted Donald’s story to Dr. Logan, about being abducted and forced to drink and smoke cigarettes to sound as if he was completely crazy and that the doctor would think he was just getting drunk and passing out and dreamed all of this. After going back and listening to the soundtrack, it kind of reminded me of the eeriness of the old Aeon Flux animated series.