Hunter: Part 2

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Description: Hunter has existed in an insane amount of versions (workprint, "theatrical", temp cut...), and I'm loathe to create yet another version, but TMU has forced my hand. First, the file was 316mb, too large for TMU to take. Although the original film is presented in widescreen, I had to shrink the file size down as much as possible, so I rendered this new edit in 4:3. Sorry, but not my rules. Second, TMU limits length to 15 minutes. Despite the fact that 15 minutes dead is part way into the credits, I felt it would be not only distracting to have the credits start then abruptly stop, but also a disservice to Paul Wisby, who has composed an entire song for the end credits. I therefore had to split the file into two parts at a point that would work as a cliffhanger. To add a bit of extra spice to it, I added titles at the end of part one and start of part two, using stock music stings, as this was not part of the original film nor Paul Wisby's score. So don't go asking Mr. Wisby for the part one closing/part two opening stings, they're not his. Here then, is Hunter: The TMU Edit, in lower quality and split in two.