The Leprecaun's Bride

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Description: Another Rated~R{isque to the nth degree!} urban, fantasy, nightmare, filled with sex, violence and an incindiary slew of celebrity personalities, indulging in the most vulgar displays of profane hilarity, ever witnessed by man and fungi alike! So hold on to your chillidogs kids, it's another disturbing headtrip, by those miscreants of cinema and sound, Mildheadwound Studios! This time, assisted by a plethora of astounding, yet shocking, perfomances by some of the greatest voices, ever to grace the 'movies' landscape. This terrifying, romance, adventure comedy is skewed through the mind of an addict, as she is forced to fend off the brutality of the streets, denizens of the deep and the lecherous advances of a rhyming, schemeing leprachaun bent on matrimony! This vision could never have been realized, if not for the wicked acting talents of the following participants; ~ Riott007 ~ as the Bride ~ Dulcinea ~ as Zenith Equivalance ~ Mezzanine ~ as the lesbian, fungi twins ~ PrinceInExile ~ as the Lizardman ~ Myshinator ~ as the [not-so-nice-word!] and the Ex-girlfiend ~ Dasman ~ as Oberon ~ Mildheadwound ~ as Eddie, Ramone & the retarded, drunk, possibly transy angel The character Jackiebrown was played by snippets of Dasman, PrinceinExile and Mildheadwound. (What d'you want, 3 white guys trying to do the lines of 1 black woman?! Weak! Blatantly the worst acting in the entire film!! Hahaha!!!) Technical Notes; ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Clocking in at almost 22 minutes, this [play nice now!] of cinema has taken up approximately 4 months of filming, 7 actors, around 169 lines of dialogue, and a veritable tsunami of alcohol, cigarettes and cerebral stimulants! All music was processed using Propellerhead's Reason software, (, and various public domain midi files, and a smattering of copyright free sound effects and audio blobs. Now keep those lawyers at bay! Glitches plagued this production from the start. Our fire prop wouldn't render, demanding a complete rewrite of the wedding ceremony. Black glitches followed the editing throughout, but were finally quelled by reducing the screen size to 800x600 in the final edit. The music kept shifting back and forth from render to render, causing untold audio agony. The final rendered product is badly lacking the games' interior audio capabilities, leaving us with a bass heavy, thin, mono sound, which is just excellent for an analogue synth, but bumkiss when it cums to the dynamic audio adventure this film has become . . . Speaking of which, feel free to revisit the films' teaser trailor, as it may make more sense after watching the film! Have a Wicked New Years from Mildheadwound Studios!
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