The Lonely Piano

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Description: Every day, on his walk home from lectures, scholar and enthusiastic musician Michael, walks past a seemingly abandoned house, yet from inside, he can hear beautiful piano music... On one cold and stormy day, Michael decides to enter the house for himself, to meet the lonely piano... Narrated by Od-Ork-Boy, The Lonely Piano is an artsy-suspense/drama by Andy_Inc... --------------------------------------------------------- CAST: OD-Ork-Boy as the Narrator --------------------------------------------------------- MODS: Empty shack by Andy_Inc Blue 19'er + floor tiles by Tarison Scene Expansion by Dr. House Buildings as props from DCModding --------------------------------------------------------- MUSIC: All tracks by James McCloud and available on --------------------------------------------------------- DIRECTORS NOTE: What began as a full-fledged horror flick, slowly evolved and turned into... The Lonely Piano. This is my first endeavor with this type of film, and sincerely hope that all of you enjoy the tale that unfolds. I know that this is in horror, but I felt horror to be the most suitable genre... for, as we know, the game has limited genre's to choose from. Also, any feedback is greatly appreciated Smily [:)] Thanks for watching! - Andy
Categories: Art House Drama