Born To Kill NAZIS

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Description: IT'S A DILDO INTERNATIONAL Presents Born To Kill NAZIS Tagline: A movie that will change your life. Starring GOOFPARADE as LT. PEACOCK RÄUBERLIGHTER as HITLER RÄUBERLIGHTER as HAUPTMANN KURT SPITZFADEN Co-Starring KWISTUFA as PVT. BUKOWSKI RIOTT007 as CHIYOKO SHAIF HIRBOUSH 6HM as PAPA DOC HELGA REIBENSPIES as HERSELF RÄUBERLIGHTER as GERMAN SOLDIER ON BRIDGE CORSICA S. as SOUTH AMERICAN WHORE JOSTER285 as PVT. JOE HARP BEZZER as the NARRATOR Screenplay by SHIDDEN SHIDDOG BEZZER Based on a story by CHRIS BORN Subtitles by EVA BRAUN Chief Rocker of the Subtitles BEZZER and of course Produced and Directed by SHIDDEN SHIDDOG -------- RATED R -------- TRIVIA MISTER MONK was offered the role of PAPA DOC but he declined. MISTER A_N_D were offered two roles but he declined respectfully. GOOFPARADE said to SHIDDEN SHIDDOG that he will stay in character untill the movie is released. 6HM drank three bottles of water in a row after voicing PAPA DOC. Every Voiceactor pronounced the name CHIYOKO differently. SHIDDEN SHIDDOG'S last movie for 2011. PS: STOP RACISM! RACISM ISN'T BORN, FOLKS, IT'S TAUGHT.
Categories: War Action Comedy