The Last Days Trailer

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Description: READ DESCRIPTION FIRST!!! First off this is my first movie on TMU. i'd like to thank hati23 for the Waffen SS mod availble at and if their was someone name that i forgot please tell me music first one i had gotten from a friend it is James Newton Howard-Imagin (i think) and Outbreak ending theme-Capcom now a little i apologize if the nazi symbol offended anyone watching this and i am not racist towards any color at all in fact i have friends and relatives that are different religions and skin colors, this movie does not worship hitler or the nazi it is only about the final days of WWII. i respect everyones religious beliefs and Rest In Peace to those who died during the Holocaust and WWII, please if you are offended by the nazi symbol please stop now, now please remember this is only a movie and it is also history, and there shall be no mention of the Holocaust there is a Warning sign at the beginning of the trailer, the movie should be released before christmas and i hope you enjoy this trailer the entire intro done by me
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