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Description: This is my first MovieStorm movie, and my first action piece. This is also the first time I made a film without a script or even an outline. It just started out while fooling around to see what the potentials and limitations of MovieStorm was, and next thing I knew, a movie was being formed. I just let the story and dialogue flow until the film was finally completed (incidentally, I understand that is the way writer Stephen King works, although it is a very disconcerting process to me). I also filmed it in chronological order (with the first scene being first, etc. all the way until the last frame); so you can see my abilities progress with the software as I slowly became more familiar with it. The entire film is filmed with Moviestorm and is devoid of any postproduction touches, mainly because I intended to film this as a 3D movie, and the software doesn\\'t correctly render 2D images into 3D. Only the 2D end credits were touched up with postproduction work. I also realize some people don\\'t have chromatic 3D glasses handy, or simply prefer not to watch 3D films, so I rendered a 2D version as well. I will release both (the 2D version first). I noticed a few animation glitches in the finished render--specifically related to holding handguns, and firing handguns. They occassionally skip and, for a frame or two, end up pointing at odd directions. I tried re-rendering the shots multiple times, but the same glitches occur (so I guess it\\'s not in the render, but in the actual software). So please pardon those odd jerky moments. Special thanks go out to MovieStorm maestro Nahton for his patient assistance and advice regarding this new software (not to mention his custom prop and animations). Thanks also go out to Goofparade (Marc Cholette) for his terrific sound design and music, and to my friend Darin Cohen for his delightful end theme piece--you\\'ll hear a lot more of his songs in my coming films (he\\'s already begun custom compositions for a future work). Thanks also to Bezzer (Mark Johnson) for not only performing the voice of Mark in the film, but also for providing some of the sound effects, and especially for always being there for me whenever I need a hand (or voice, as is often the case). I hope you enjoy my first foray into MovieStorm.
Categories: Action Comedy Drama