Time to Kill

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Description: Movie by Dylen. Originally released March 26, 2006. NEXT-GEN SPECIAL EFFECTS!! In the future, the destruction of life on planet earth is imminent. After many meetings, a tough decision is made. The future of the world is in the hands of one. .. * 2 minutes, 51 second runtime ... * Next-Gen Special Effects .... * 88 scenes ..... * 26 custom backdrops ...... * VOs by KirinRiotCrash, Dulci, and Dylen ....... * Completely redone sound effects track ........ * Custom music track featuring Acoustic Heart ......... * Finally a custom title screen series Director's Note: Making a TMO movie is tricky business. You add to much story and people get bored. You have to little story and people want more. This story was about a lone assassination that happened via time travel. Much like the Terminator movies. I decided to do the opening backdrop to tell the lead in and get you into the story. A quick chase scene and the rooftop encounter. From there I hoped to add another little twist when you realize she was from a space vessel. A little more closer story and then the final little twist at the end because that seems to always help come review time. Thanks for all the reviews and comments!
Categories: Science Fiction