Manny Jones On Tour 2

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Description: By BenStudios1991 BENSTUDIOS1991 PRESENTS MANNY JONES ON TOUR PART 2 Manny takes on Hollywood! See his crazy exploits! PLEASE VIEW THIS IN FULL SCREEN! (double click the screen while it’s playing) Thanks! THANKS TO 6-HEADEDMONSTER FOR THE MODS! Visit for great mods and plenty of fun stuff! THANKS TO BUTCHERED_STUDIOS FOR THE ANIMATED CREDITS! A BIG THANKS TO DNR FOR HIS VOS! VOs: DNR as Richie Me as everybody else (Scary, eh?) All music custom-made by me. The song during the opening credits is made by my mouth and a voice changer…heh heh. The VOs came out pretty quiet, so please turn your speakers up to hear it correctly. The sequel to two #1 comedies, here’s another installment, the fourth in the Manny Jones series. Expect crazy, witty, strange comedy parodying everything from old people to horror movies to the dreaded UPN television network. PLOT RECAP: IMPORTANT SO YOU CAN UNDERSTAND THE MOVIE! Manny was recently fired from his TV talk show. He has been wandering the streets of Hollywood, trying to pick up enough money to live doing odd jobs, and trying to get his show back. Along the way he has picked up a sidekick, who turns out to be his childhood imaginary friend, Richie. Richie is invisible, so when you hear talking coming from nowhere, that’s him. Manny is overly self-confident and ignorant, leading him to strange and hilarious situations.
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